Watercolour Impressionism


“Its transparency, its depiction of light and mood, its rich tapestry of colours and shimmer on the paper gives a painting a life of its own and artistically there is nothing more exciting”

Rick Staker


Paintings by Rick

This website showcases many works from this Western Australian artist. With more than fifteen years of painting experience. Rick’s aim is to promote the beauty and excitement of watercolour impressionism focussing on land and seascapes and the human activities within them.

Get to know Rick

Rick was born in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. His watercolour impressions draw great inspiration from Australian land and seascapes, including the Perth Hills, regional Western Australia and abroad.

Gallery Preview

You are invited to browse through the pages and enjoy his work.

Boats at Sunset

(27 x 38)


(38 x 27)

Bicton Beach

(26 x 35)

Enjoying the Company

(26 x 35)

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